A Blog Template helps you write Efficiently

Stetting up a template helps build a consistent reader experience

Blog template for writing

It can be intimidating to stare at a blank page when you first sit down to write.  You know it’s time to produce your next blog post for your website because a consistent writing schedule is important.  We also talked about Five Simple Steps to writing your next post a few weeks ago.  Now that […]

Growing Your Professional Network with Social Media

You have to be active not just a passive observer

Professional networking has changed.  Although there are still many opportunities to attend local events designed for professional networking,  have you noticed the audience has changed?  The demographics of our profession are changing rapidly and with that change younger professionals are changing the networking environment.  Social media is not new but the use of social media is still […]

5 Simple Steps to write your next blog post

Even if you have no time to write

The first question you need to ask yourself is “Can I afford not to write my next post?”  Consistent writing builds trust in you with your readers.  We already talked about the importance of consistency in your writing, and we all know writing takes time.  Most accountants don’t have time to write, but building an […]

5 Simple steps to your next blog

Blogging is about consistency and creating valuable content

Accountants can be great content writers too

Marketing is not a place where most accountants feel comfortable, but we know we need to be doing it.  Content marketing through your website is not difficult or expensive.  You know you should have content on your website that is useful for your audience, and yet it feels like there are other more important things […]

Blogging is necessary marketing for CPA firms

You made the time to write make sure you share your work

Blogging is by no means a common practice for CPA’s and accountants today.  But, those who have committed to publishing their own writing will be well positioned to network with future clients.  Creating your own content for marketing online is not easy, but you can learn to do it.  Millennial buyers will check up to 9 […]

blogging for CPA's

The Secret to Time Management

Learn the secret you already know

Do you feel your life is too busy?  You are a successful professional and you work hard so your colleagues can count on you.  Why do you always feel like there is never enough time to do the most important things?  You do your best to be a great parent, but you feel like you’re always […]

Time Management Priority